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2010 Preface:
A Trip Back... Through Swirling Mists of Time

Originally written as an Elementary School creative writing project and bookbinding exercise back in 1973, the original short story "To Shrink or Not To Shrink" grew into a trilogy by 1977. A fantasy tale full of pop-culture references.

Revised in 1985 and then again 1996 (at which time it was dubbed The Larry Chronicles after its lead character), this project has been near and dear to my heart, yet has remained virtually unread by anyone.

The trilogy of stories consists of two books (so I guess I wrote a Two-Book Trilogy!). The first book contains the short story "To Shrink or Not To Shrink" which makes up the first five chapters, followed by "The Green Devil Strikes Again" (Chapters 6 through 21 and an Epilogue). The second book is "Time Tornado" which contains 19 Chapters and Epilogue.

This project will be self-published at a rate of about one Chapter every few days (unless 'fans' urge me to publish faster) until the entire tome is up on the web.

I hope you will enjoy it...

August 2010
North Hollywood, California

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"The Larry Chronicles Trilogy" 

"To Shrink or Not To Shrink"